Level 3 Unit 2 Part 55: Cranial nerve examination

The cranial nerves are involved in many motor, sensory, and autonomic functions that are commonly tested. A normal cranial nerve examination could be communicated with: “There is no dysarthria or dysphonia; visual acuity is normal and the visual fields are full; the pupils are equal, round, and normally reactive to light; the eye movements are full and conjugate without nystagmus; the upper and lower face is symmetric at rest and with movement; facial sensation is normal; bulk of the masseter muscles is normal; hearing is normal; the palate elevates symmetrically; the sternocleidomastoids and trapezii have normal bulk and strength, without fasciculations; and there is normal bulk and movement of the tongue, without fasciculations”.


Level 3 Unit 2 Part 56: Motor examination

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