Introduction to Neurology

Neurology is the medical specialty involving the diagnosis of neurological syndromes and the management of neurological disorders. My name is Matt Jensen, I’m a neurologist, and I like to teach. This site is a work-in-progress of materials for a course I’ll call Introduction to Neurology, covering fundamental topics such as the cells, anatomy, development, and pathology of the nervous system, as well as clinical diagnosis of some common or dangerous neurological disorders. Tests and treatments change rapidly, so I won’t go into much detail about those. I plan to organize the course into several levels of detail, each with the same nine units but different amounts of information, to hopefully be useful to people with different needs.

The course units:

  1. Neural cells
  2. Functional neuroanatomy
  3. Structural neuroanatomy
  4. Approach to neurological syndromes
  5. Peripheral neurological disorders
  6. Central neurological disorders
  7. Mixed central and peripheral neurological disorders
  8. Neurodevelopment
  9. Neurodevelopmental disorders

Levels of detail:

20 thoughts on “Introduction to Neurology

  1. Dear Dr. Jensen, you’re videos are great! I’m studying the book “principles of neural science” which is very difficult. Your videos really clarify my ideas.
    Please keep recording videos! And I also have a topic suggestion for your next videos, I’d like to see something about parietal and temporal associative areas lesions.
    Maybe something about intraparietal areas.
    Thanks in advance.


  2. Thank you so much Dr. Jensen. I am only a freshman in college but I am loving your videos. Hoping to try to finish up the medium version before I start school in 2 weeks.


  3. Thank You Doctor Jensen …..I watched all your youtube videos .. I am FSC student and your videos are extremely helpful ……they are soo easy and conceptual…..Many prayers for u….Plz keep on doing this work….FROM PAKISTAN


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